Welcome to Sunny Sawtell


If you’re looking for a wonderful getaway to a special place Sunny Sawtell is your destination. This seaside sanctuary, loved for its beautiful beaches and village atmosphere, offers a variety of attractions enjoyed by visitors and locals alike.

Sawtell is a coastal town situated on the north coast of NSW Australia, surrounded by beautiful creeks, beaches and mountains and located almost centrally between Brisbane and Sydney.

The 70yr old iconic fig trees shade picturesque First Avenue, with its collection of shops, boutiques, cafés, licensed restaurants, a beautiful cinema, and recreational clubs and an award winning hotel just to name a few.

Sawtell boasts safe patrolled beaches, renowned board riding locations as well as a host of sporting activities including golf, bowls, tennis, croquet and fishing.

Sawtell Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 298 Sawtell NSW 2452